Abstinence Epilogue & Marie-Stella-Maris Cassis Old Fashioned

This cocktail is an alcohol-free version of the well-known Old Fashioned, but with a modern twist. The sweet fruitiness of the Marie-Stella-Maris Cassis goes well with the spicy and smoky character of Abstinence Epilogue. Like the Old Fashioned, this cocktail starts with a raw edge that unfolds into a tantalizing symphony of cassis and cloves with a smoky finish.

Perfect Serve: Abstinence Epiloque & Marie-Stella-Maris Cassis: warm & rich

Both bottles can be ordered as Old Fashioned Cocktail Duo
Abstinence Epilogue & Marie-Stella-Maris Cassis Old Fashioned


  • 70 ml Abstinence Epilogue
  • 30 ml Marie-Stella-Maris Cassis
  • Garnering: een sinaasappelschil of zest

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Abstinence Epilogue non-alcoholische spiritfles

Abstinence - Epilogue


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    Let's make this cocktail

  • 1

    Vul het glas met ijs (Tumblr glas of Whisky glas).

  • 2

    Voeg 70 ml Abstinence Epilogue toe.

  • 3

    Voeg 30 ml Marie-Stella-Maris Cassis toe.

  • 4

    Roer 1-2 keer zachtjes door het glas.

  • 5

    Garneer met een sinaasappelschil of zest.