Abstinence - Epilogue & Soda

Inspired by the wildfires in the Western Cape that bring the floral kingdom to life, Epilogue is bursting with smoky and warm herbal flavours.

    Abstinence - Epilogue & Soda


    • 50 ml Abstinence Epilogue
    • 200 ml Soda Water (Fever Tree)
    • Garnish: a lime slice

    Looking for something sweeter? Replace the Soda Water with Ginger Ale (Fever Tree) or cola!

      Let's make this cocktail

    • 1

      Fill the glass with ice (Highball glass).

    • 2

      Add 50 ml Abstinence Epilogue.

    • 3

      Add 200 ml Soda Water (Fever Tree).

    • 4

      Garnish with a lime slice.