Dry July - Cocktail review by Cocktailicious

Dry July - Cocktail review by Cocktailicious - World of NIX

Cocktailicious is the most popular and extensive cocktail website in the Netherlands. The website belongs to Bart and Caroline and they do their utmost to place tasty and beautiful cocktails on their website.

For Dry July they have reviewed a number of non-alcoholic cocktails that you can make with exclusive World of NIX drinks.

A number of passages from their review:

"You are no longer a loser if you drink alcohol-free. Alcohol-free is popular and is rapidly increasing in popularity. Every cocktail bar that respects itself (and its visitor) has several good alcohol-free cocktails on the menu and now there is also the first completely alcohol-free liquor store in The Netherlands. On the ninth of Dry July, World of NIX opens its doors in Haarlem. Good news for everyone who likes non-alcoholic cocktails. And if you think the trip to Haarlem is too far, they also have a webshop where you can get everything.

New non-alcoholic cocktails

We make a lot of cocktails and we alternate this more and more often non-alcoholic cocktails . Because it is Dry July, we were introduced to a number of their alcohol-free spirits, including Rumish, Abstinence Gin, Aperitif Abstinence and an alcohol-free sparkling wine from Carl Jung. Of course we were super curious. We made 5 non-alcoholic cocktails with it. Great for Dry July! "

You can read the entire review and extensive recipes here