A Night Out in Style: The Ultimate Alcohol-Free Experience

Een Avondje Uit in Stijl: De Ultieme Alcoholvrije Belevenis - World of NIX

Are you also a fan of delicious dining out and would you like to try something different than the standard wine or beer with your meal? Good news! More and more top restaurants are embracing the trend of non-alcoholic drinks, and we at World of NIX are proud that our refined selection is part of this. So, brace your taste buds for a culinary journey through some of the best eateries where our drinks shine.

1. Chez Nina, Amsterdam – Where Mixology Becomes Art
At Chez Nina everything revolves around atmosphere and experience. Here the bustling streets of Amsterdam meet the art of mixing. Without alcohol, but with plenty of taste and flair. Perfect for a night out with a twist.

2. Ron Gastrobar, Amsterdam – Trendsetter in Gastronomic Innovation Ron Gastrobar is known for its innovative dishes. Adding our completely non-alcoholic wine list to their menu shows that they are at the forefront of gastronomic innovation. A real trendsetter where you can enjoy a unique dining experience in combination with unique drinks.

3. Rijks, Amsterdam – A Worldly Experience
Rijks is not just a restaurant; it's an experience. With dishes inspired by cultures from all over the world, Rijks offers a unique setting for our non-alcoholic drinks. A worldly experience in the heart of Amsterdam.

4. Duende, Amsterdam – Tapas with an Alcohol-Free Touch
Duende brings the soul of Spain to Amsterdam. Their tapas are already a reason to visit, but in combination with our non-alcoholic drinks it will be an unforgettable evening. Taste Spain, taste the difference.

5. Toscanini, Amsterdam – Italian Passion and Taste
Toscanini is known for its authentic Italian cuisine. The addition of non-alcoholic drinks to their menu highlights their passion for taste and innovation. Experience Italian cuisine in all its glory, but slightly different.

6. Ship Camel, Amsterdam – German Class in the Dutch Capital
Scheepskameel is an ode to German cuisine. Here, traditional German gastronomy is combined with modern influences, including our non-alcoholic selection. A culinary journey you don't want to miss.

7. And There's More!
Also discover the unique flavors of Yamazato in Amsterdam, the charming creperie Ti Bisou and the natural cuisine of Mama Gaia in Haarlem. Be seduced by the culinary delights at Olivijn and ML , or go for a pleasant evening in Utrecht at Broei , Ruby Rose , W Urban Kitchen and Fico .

These restaurants are not only leaders in culinary innovation, but also in the movement towards an alcohol-free lifestyle. They not only offer fantastic dishes, but also a unique opportunity to experience the alcohol-free trend. Whether you're looking for a fun night out, a romantic dinner, or just want to try something new, these restaurants provide the perfect setting.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of gastronomic delights, enhanced by the non-alcoholic choices of World of NIX. An experience to never forget!