Favorite drinks

Favoriete dranken - World of NIX

Tasting and quality are two key words for World of NIX. We taste everything and only offer the best drinks in our liquor stores. We are constantly looking for new flavors and taste dozens of new drinks every week.

But of course I also have my favorite drinks. Below is a list per category of what I often drink. Cheers!

  • Athletic Brewing - run wild . A full, bitter IPA.
  • Estrella Damm Pils . A clear, slightly bitter Pilsner.
  • Athletic Brewing - Upside Dawn . A tasty, refreshing Golden Ale

  • Bubbles:
  • Alto Blanc de Blanc . A sparkling, fresh wine with notes of citrus and green apple. Perfect for any occasion, always festive and refreshing.
  • Saboritz Spumante . A premium, festive Spumante. A light taste with refined bubbles and a harmonious balance between sweet and fresh. Ideal for any special occasion.
  • Or try the beautiful sparkling tea Saicho Hojicha . Made from 1 type of tea, brewed for 24 hours and then provided with a nice bubble. Unique flavors of nori seaweed, roasted hazelnut and a subtle smoky flavor.

  • White wine:
  • Weingut Apel This Riesling from Germany is fresh with a fruity aftertaste. In my opinion the tastiest white wine available.
  • Cognato Chenin Blanc A wine with a "bite". This South African chenin blanc tastes slightly spicy and therefore very nice. Also from Fairtrade grapes.

  • Red wine:
  • Cognato red The slightly smoky chocolate aftertaste reminds me of a Pinotage. For example, I drink this with a nice pasta.
  • Kolonne Null Cuvée Rouge Full, round, fruity and with tannins. If you are used to alcohol-free wines, this is the best there is.

  • Gnista Floral Wormwood & Fever Tree Ginger Beer. I really like this mix. This combination gives you a nice "bite" and the special slightly oily tones of the Gnista come through very well.
  • Abstinence Cape Citrus & Fever Tree Tonic. A pleasant, accessible G&T and immediately everyone's friend.
  • Nona June & Abstinence Aperitif & Fever Tree Tonic. If you are a little more educated in making cocktails, this is a nice combination. Drink this in a nice coupe and you have a surprisingly bittersweet drink.
  • Espresso Martino . The perfect balance between rich coffee and the warm, complex notes of Rebels 0.0% Malt Blend whiskey . A delicious, creamy finish makes it the ideal choice for a stylish evening.

  • Digestive:
  • Three Spirit Nightcap aka The Dreammaker If I'm still sitting on the couch for a while, this is a loyal friend. Good full mouthfeel, nice taste and spicy aftertaste that lingers.
  • Gnista Barreled Oak Some drinks you have to learn to drink. This is certainly the case with the Barreled Oak. But if you understand the drink you will become hooked on the special taste experience.