Keep Cheers

Proosten met alcoholvrij

Keep toasting

Back to work hard? Completely back in the rhythm? Keep toasting your great efforts and new things. Do you want to find out what you can toast with? You are always welcome to come and taste. A late summer spritz , a fresh Sauvignon Blanc or already a red Merlot ? Keep enjoying!

PS At the end of October we will open a new liquor store in the Pijp in Amsterdam. We are looking for nice employees again.

Cheers, team World of NIX

Favorite wine

Our wine shelf is once again full of beautiful wines from all over the world. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc , German Riesling and Swedish "not wines ". Discover for yourself what tastes good.

Cheers with friends

Enjoy together. After work or on the weekend. Drink a bottle of slightly chilled red wine 'Prickly' from Kolonne Null with your friends. A nice late summer Spritz or a fresh bubble. The perfect drinks to toast.