Our selection process

Ons selectie proces - World of NIX
We keep our eyes open to find the best drinks for you. Everywhere we go we are above average interested in the drinks served there. Is there anything alcohol-free? Is there a special tea, soda or mixer? We search online every day for new products that we can carry. Once we have found a product that we like, we contact the manufacturer to understand their story behind the brand. We usually plan a video call to understand which technique is used and what makes this drink so special; We have already entered many living rooms in Sweden , England or South Africa . We then usually receive a bottle that we test for smell, taste and color. We taste the drink on its own or in a mix recommended by the maker. If we like it, we will persevere and do our best to add the drink to our collection. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to disappoint makers, otherwise we will never be able to offer the best collection of non-alcoholic drinks. Cheers!