Pioneers in Bordeaux - the first wineries with non-alcoholic wine

Wijngaard van Bordeaux Families

On Monday May 13 and Tuesday May 14, the owners of World of NIX, Frederike and Wim, went to beautiful Bordeaux in France. This world-famous wine region is known for its countless vineyards and excellent wines, but they discovered that even here there is an emerging trend towards alcohol-free wines .

One of the most special winemakers they visited, De-alcoholization machine from the Bordeaux Families vineyard was Bordeaux Families . This winemaker is a pioneer in the field of non-alcoholic wines France and has invested in a unique de-alcoholization machine. There are only five of these in all of France! Thanks to this technology, they can also offer excellent quality wines without alcohol. What makes this winemaker even more special is their innovative power in a traditional region where wine has been in the DNA of the people for generations. they are one of the first to make a move towards alcohol-free wines in Bordeaux.

The quality of the non-alcoholic wines from the Bordeaux Families bodes well. During the visit they were able to taste several new non-alcoholic wines, and he was very impressed. We now have 2 top brands from Bordeux in our range, Sauv'terre and Château Clos de Boüard . We continue to search for the best non-alcoholic drinks around the world. This time we were in Bordeaux, a paradise for wines, but of course the search does not end there.