Pregnant during the holidays? We got you covered

Zwanger tijdens de feestdagen? We got you covered - World of NIX

How cool is this! You are pregnant during the biggest festive month of the year. Everyone wants to hear from you how you are doing and you get extra attention. You probably also want to drink something nice during these days. We are happy to help you with some tasty drinks so that you too can raise your glass - and with completely 0.0 drinks.

  1. Cocktails. Are you a G&T fan? Then make a cocktail with Abstinence Cape Citrus. Or try a delicious Spritz made from Blood Orange Aperitif mixed with a sparkling wine.
  2. Bubbles. Always good. And enough for you to celebrate, right? We have a wonderful one ALT Chardonnay , a classic bubbly with a slightly sour aftertaste. Or drink one ALT Rosé , made from Tempranillo grape and with a fresh aftertaste with notes of watermelon and strawberry.
  3. Wines. A full fat Chardonnay, the Cero Chardonnay For turkey roulade or fish. Or the Leitz Riesling , a nice fresh wine with notes of citrus and apple. A heavy red wine? No problem. The Cero Zinfandel is ideal for this.

Cheers! 🥂