We have been live with our webshop for about 10 days now. We are very happy with the first orders. The first orders mean trust in us, confidence in our model and a lot of packing work . To receive the first orders, we had ordered boxes online before going live, which we thought we could do well.

After package 3 we found out that packing different sizes of bottles is slightly more complicated than filling a standardized box for 4 wine bottles. Especially the best orders – and orders that we encourage – that contain spirits, wine and beer turned out to be much more difficult than expected. Almost every bottle has a different height, width and weight.

One of our starting points when we started with NIX & NIX was the optimal and sustainable use of packaging. Yes, we love a cool unpacking moment. Yes, we love a perfectly wrapped box and yes, it's nice when something is completely new. But at what price? What is the added value if we have a box made of glossy cardboard with plastic edges if most people throw it away immediately after opening it?

Is this about creating a customer experience that further supports our brand or is it most important that we bring the bottles and cans to your home whole, clean and with a smile?

For now, we have chosen to recycle as much of the cardboard stream as possible. This means that cardboard that comes in as packaging from suppliers is reused by us as much as possible. We make strips of it to fill the empty spaces in boxes or to divide them into sections. This also means that boxes are reused by us when we make a home delivery to someone.

We hope you, as our most valuable asset, place an order because we are dedicated to selling great non-alcoholic drinks. We think that a “guilt-free” unpacking moment can be a good addition to that.


So we are constantly learning what the most efficient packaging is. We do this ourselves, but we are also talking to people who really know a lot about it. If you have packaging tips, we would of course also be very happy to hear them via


Greetz, William