Merlot - World of NIX
Merlot is a versatile grape variety valued worldwide for its smooth texture and rich fruity flavors. This grape, originally from Bordeaux, France, is known for its flavors of plum, black cherry and in some cases subtle spicy and earthy notes. Merlot wines range from medium to full bodied and are known for their supple tannins, which means they can often be enjoyed younger than wines made from grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon. The grape does particularly well in temperate to warm climates and is particularly popular in regions such as California, Tuscany and of course Bordeaux, where it often plays the leading role in the famous Right Bank wines of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion.

The Giesen Merlot from New Zealand is an expressive interpretation of this classic grape. Characteristic of this wine are the flavors of blackberries, wild herbs, red berries and plums, with a hint of toasted oak, which indicates some maturation in oak barrels. These characteristics make Giesen Merlot an excellent example of how the Merlot grape can adapt to different terroirs outside its traditional home base, with New Zealand putting its own unique stamp on the grape.

Compared to the classic Merlot wines from Bordeaux, the Giesen Merlot offers a slightly different palette, possibly with more fruity and lively notes, typical of New Zealand wines. This wine combines the traditional softness and approachability of Merlot with the unique characteristics of its New Zealand terroir, making it a compelling variety for lovers of this versatile grape.