Not wines

Not Wines

Discover the "Not Wines" Collection. These carefully crafted beverages are not alcohol-free wines, but a class of their own. They mimic the complex body and depth of traditional wines. Instead of being based on wine, they are constructed from various juices and herbs.

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Discover the unique world of 'Not Wines' at World of NIX

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional wines? World of NIX's ' Not Wines ' collection offers an intriguing experience with drinks that mimic the complexity and depth of traditional wines, but with a unique twist. These carefully crafted drinks are not non-alcoholic wines in the traditional sense; they are made up of various juices and herbs to create a unique flavor profile.

A Collection Full of Innovative Flavors

In our 'Not Wines' collection you will find:

Blurred Vines - Spark & ​​Sharp by Three Spirit : These innovative drinks offer a captivating taste experience, ideal for those looking for something new.

Real Fantasy from Ambijus : A unique drink that occupies a special place in our collection, perfect for an adventurous taste experience.

Red, Italian Style & French Style from Gnista : These drinks offer an experience reminiscent of traditional red wines, but with their own character.

More than just wine

Whether you're planning an alcohol-free evening or just want to try something new, our 'Not Wines' collection offers drinks to suit every occasion and taste preference. Enjoy the richness and diversity of this unique category.