Genieten van een glas alcoholvrije prosecco van Saboritz Spumante

Alcohol-free Sparkling wine

Discover our collection of non-alcoholic sparkling wines, ideal for special moments. Choose from elegant options such as Prosecco style or festive sparkling Rosé, all selected for a refined experience without alcohol. Find the perfect bubble for every celebration and discover great wine-food combinations at World of NIX.

Packshot alcoholvrije prosecco van Saboritz Spumante Genieten van de zomer met alcoholvrije prosecco van Saboritz Spumante


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Discover the refinement of non-alcoholic sparkling wines at World of NIX

Welcome to our special collection of non-alcoholic sparkling wines , where every bottle promises celebration and refinement, without the alcohol. Whether you're looking for a sparkling Prosecco style or a festive Sparkling Rosé , our carefully selected non-alcoholic sparkling wines are ideal for any special occasion.

A Luxury Collection for Every Celebration

Our collection of non-alcoholic bubbles offers a variety of choices for anyone looking for an elegant, non-alcoholic option:

Prosecco Style Sparkling wines : Experience the light and refreshing taste of our alcohol-free Prosecco Style wines, perfect for a toast on special moments.

Sparkling Rosé : Choose from our selection of festive Sparkling Rosés, each offering a delicate balance of sweetness and freshness, suitable for any celebration.

Various Sparkling Options : Explore our range of unique sparkling wines, such as the Acala Sparkling Tea in Winter Style or the festive Cuvée Blanc Sparkling from Kolonne Null .

Exclusive Sparkling Teas : For a unique twist, try our Sparkling Teas, such as the Saicho Jasmine or Darjeeling , packaged in a stylish gift box.

Special Magnums : For larger gatherings we also offer magnum bottles, such as the Acala Sparkling Tea and Kolonne Null Cuvée Blanc in magnum size, ideal for parties and events.

Celebrate Special Moments with Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

Each product in our collection of non-alcoholic sparkling wines has been carefully selected to provide a rich, flavorful experience without the alcohol. These bubbles are ideal for celebrating special moments, whether it is an intimate evening at home or a large party.

Discover the best brands in the sparkling wine collection below: