Top 10 cocktail creations: mix, shake, and enjoy

Mocktail Spritz

At World of NIX we believe that every occasion, big or small, should be celebrated with a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail in hand. Whether you're spending an evening at home or celebrating special moments, our top 10 cocktail creations have been put together to offer you an unforgettable taste experience.

The Art of Mixing Are you ready to bring out your inner bartender? Our list includes everything from the invigorating Blood Orange Spritz to simple, yet flavorful cocktails that you can easily make with our Shake Cocktail Pack . Ideal for both beginners and experienced cocktail shakers.

Explore The Collection by Three Spirit For those looking for something truly unique, we have The Collection by Three Spirit . This trio of mood-boosting drinks is perfect for mixing into your favorite cocktails, like the Bitter Mary , and offers a new dimension to your cocktail evening.

The Ultimate Espresso Martino Give your evening a spectacular end with the Espresso Martino . Mix 4 cl Rebels 0.0% Malt Blend with 4 cl espresso and a teaspoon of cane sugar, shake with ice and serve in stylish Martini glasses, garnished with three coffee beans. It is the perfect blend of rich coffee flavor and subtle sweetness, a real treat for the taste buds.

Whether you are a seasoned cocktail connoisseur or taking your first steps into the world of mixology, at World of NIX you will find everything you need for the perfect cocktail evening. Visit our website for the full top 10 and start mixing your new favorites.

Cheers to creative cocktails, Team NIX