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Fancy a strong, non-alcoholic drink? Discover our collection at World of NIX, from spicy 'gins' to smooth 'whiskeys'. Perfect for cocktails or to enjoy neat. Try something new from our unique selection! click here for ideas.

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Alle producten met minder dan 0.5% alcohol vallen onder alcoholvrij. Wil je echt 0,0%, gebruik dan dit filter.



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Discover the best non-alcoholic alternatives to spirits for a responsible experience

Are you looking for a refined and tasty alternative to traditional spirits, without the effects of alcohol? Then you've come to the right place. We offer a carefully selected range of alcohol-free alternatives that are perfect for a night out or relaxation at home, without the risk of a hangover or other unwanted side effects of alcohol.

For us, everything revolves around taste and quality, even when it comes to non-alcoholic options. Our selection includes non-alcoholic versions of your favorite spirits, from whisky-style drinks to gin alternatives , each with their own unique character and flavor profile. Whether you're looking for a non-alcoholic alternative for a cocktail evening or simply want to enjoy a rich, flavorful drink, we have exactly what you need.

Discover our range of non-alcoholic spirits now and experience for yourself how you can enjoy the complex flavors and aromas, without the alcohol. This supports a healthier lifestyle, while still experiencing the depth and richness of traditional spirits.

Introduction to Non-Alcoholic Spirits.

Traditional spirits have long been a favorite of many, but not everyone wants or can consume alcohol. With the rise of non-alcoholic alternatives, no one has to miss this experience anymore. These alternatives offer the rich flavors and aromas of traditional spirits, without the alcohol.

These non-alcoholic alternatives are made using unique processes that capture the essence of spirits while eliminating the alcohol. This results in a product that retains the depth and complexity of traditional drinks, but with less than 0.5% alcohol.

Contrary to popular belief, these alcohol-free alternatives are not inferior to their alcoholic counterparts. They offer an authentic taste experience that is suitable for anyone who enjoys strong drinks, but without the alcohol.

Different Types of Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Our collection of non-alcoholic spirits offers something for every preference:

Whiskey-Like Drinks : Experience the smoky, rich aromas and deep, complex flavors of whiskey, without the alcohol.

Gin Alternatives: Enjoy the fresh, spicy flavors of gin with an alcohol-free alternative, perfect for mocktails.

Rum Alternatives : Taste the sweetness and richness of rum in our non-alcoholic varieties, ideal for a tropical mixed drink.

Non-alcoholic spirits are an excellent choice for anyone who wants the taste and experience of spirits without the effects of alcohol. They are perfect for social occasions, relaxing evenings, or as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Discover the best non-alcoholic spirits brands below:

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