The 5 best non-alcoholic red wines

De 5 beste alcoholvrije rode wijnen - World of NIX

Cognato - Red

This South African wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cinsault grapes. It has the recognizable flavors of Pinotage: red berries, spicy herbs and a slightly smoky touch. Wine connoisseur Esmee Langereis gave the wine a 7.5 in the NRC wine special. This is a particularly tasty non-alcoholic red wine from the coastal region of South Africa, ideal with a fine pasta or a dish with earthy vegetables such as beets.

Giesen - New Zealand Merlot

This powerful non-alcoholic red wine from New Zealand is a real Merlot winner. You taste blackberries, wild herbs, red berries, plums and a hint of roasted oak. It has fine tannins and goes perfectly with meat or tapas. The wine comes from the Ara vineyards, located between mountains and sea. The fresh and pure environment ensures that the Giesen brothers make great cool climate wines here.

Sauv'Terre - ed

This alcohol-free Merlot from Bordeaux brings the atmosphere of sunny French days to your glass. You taste chocolate, raisins and a hint of wood. Serve it chilled with an aperitif, grilled dishes or tapas. The Sauv'Terre 0.0% is a great non-alcoholic red wine, perfect to share with friends or enjoy during special occasions.

Gnista - Red, French Style

This Swedish "Not Wine" Red, developed together with sommeliers, has a wonderful scent, ripe red berries and soft tannins with a hint of spice. A top alcohol-free alternative to red wine, perfect before, during or after food. Cheers with a Skål! Like Gnista spirits, Red is carefully handcrafted in small batches

ME.JS - Ohne Kater Rot

This non-alcoholic German red wine , "Ohne Kater", has a rich and full taste with fruity notes. Perfect with savory dishes and cheese boards. Four passionate winegrowers have been working together since 1991 and now they proudly present their first bottled non-alcoholic German red wine. A wine in which the depth and richness of non-alcoholic wines really comes to life.