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About World of NIX:

We started World of NIX to offer you the best selection of non-alcoholic drinks. We noticed that the offering was becoming broader and better, but the path to this offering was still unclear for the consumer. We want to be the bridge between the best range of non-alcoholic drinks and consumers looking for a tasty alternative.

About us:


There are so many fantastic things to do. So many beautiful moments to share with friends and family. You can travel to the most remote areas in the world or to the most special places in our own country. You can discover new places and the most beautiful colors in your own home or just at the end of the street. Partying, discussing and laughing with friends until late at night. Discovering things. Meeting new people in the most unexpected places. Getting to know customs and cultures. Get some fresh air on the beach. Running across a vast heath. Sleep in. Racing through the mountains in a sports car. Parachuting. Make – and eat – the best dinner ever. Take a walk under the stars with the love of your life, until the stardust falls off. Cycling through a rain shower while laughing. Make paintings with the brightest colors. Really getting to know your friends and family. Skiing down the most beautiful mountain while the thin air under your sunglasses makes your eyes water.

We want it all! And we want to experience it fully!

After another fantastic evening, we were having breakfast with 3 other friends. A somewhat corny morning hangover made for a somewhat painful laugh. Yes it was a fantastic time. Yes we had a lot of fun. And the slightly unstable feeling in the morning was actually just proof of that. Yet the disadvantages of all those drinks were clear; We were too broke to go running together. The discussion started whether there was a way to fully enjoy all those evenings but then still be fresh enough in the morning to run those 10km through nature?

This was the beginning of our journey. A journey in which we noticed that it is possible to have that beautiful evening and that wonderful morning. That not drinking alcohol does not have to get in the way of a good time. We increasingly accept that no alcohol is also fine. That the stigma that alcohol-free is boring is disappearing. That everyone can and may be themselves. That alcohol and non-alcoholic can be perfectly combined. That people who do not drink alcohol have the right to something other than cola, water or apple juice. That ultimately, as a person, as a family, as a community, as a company and as a society, we are healthier, freer, more creative, more efficient and better if we drink less. We set out to create the best selection of drinks. In this process we tasted Kombuchas until we couldn't see any tea for days. Tasted non-alcoholic beers that were so bad that we had to throw away the glasses. Tasted wines that we were so convinced of that we walked home somewhat tipsy. And tasted the most special non-alcoholic spirits, some of which resembled grandma's perfume. But we were mainly surprised by the quality and the story and people behind the drinks

Happiness and positivity are our top priorities. When you feel good, you perform better and gain better - and more creative - insights. We want to have fun building our business. We are constantly improving our strategy and business so that we can best provide you, as our most valuable asset, with alternative beverages. We will do everything we can to find the best, tastiest and most beautiful alternatives for that special moment or that weekday evening! We are always open to input and feedback; send us an email at hello@worldofnix.com

Follow us, drink our drinks and create more quality time for yourself - and those around you!

Haarlem May 12, 2021

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