Alcoholvrije rode wijn

Non-alcoholic red wine

Our non-alcoholic red wines, from deep Merlot to powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, pair perfectly with savory meat dishes, rich pastas and cheeses. Browse our carefully selected range and find your favorite red wine, without compromise on taste. Discover the ideal wine-food combinations at World of NIX.

World of NIX - Non-alcoholic Wine Special - Red Wines World of NIX - Non-alcoholic Wine Special - Red Wines

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Packshot van de Noughty Red alcoholvrije rode wijn. Thomson & Scott - Noughty Red
Packshot alcoholvrije rode en witte wijnen pakket World of NIX - Non-Alcoholic Wine Special - Winners!


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Alcohol-free percentage

Alle producten met minder dan 0.5% alcohol vallen onder alcoholvrij. Wil je echt 0,0%, gebruik dan dit filter.


Flavor profile

Explore the depths of non-alcoholic red wines at World of NIX

Discover the world of non-alcoholic red wine at World of NIX, where we offer a rich variety of flavors and styles. Whether you prefer a fruity Merlot , a powerful Cabernet Sauvignon , or a refined Pinot Noir , our collection has a carefully selected red wine for every taste. These wines are perfect for enthusiasts who want to experience the depth and complexity of red wine without the alcohol.

A Carefully Selected Collection of Red Wines

Our collection of non-alcoholic red wines is not only diverse, but also rich in taste:

Merlot : Enjoy the soft and fruity Merlot varieties such as the New Zealand Merlot from Giesen , with its flavors of dark cherry and plum.

Cabernet Sauvignon : Taste the rich and powerful Cabernet Sauvignon options, such as the Sinzero Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cognato Red . These wines offer a full body with hints of blackcurrant and subtle oak notes.

Pinot Noir : Experience the elegant and refined Pinot Noir wines such as the Zero Point Five Pinot Noir from Leitz , with its delicate aromas of red berries and a hint of spice.

Tempranillo & Zinfandel : Explore the unique flavors of Tempranillo with Aldea's Red Tempranillo , and the rich, spicy notes of Cero's Zinfandel.

Perfect for Any Occasion

These wines are ideal with savory meat dishes, rich pastas and cheeses, or simply to enjoy on a relaxing evening. They offer the depth and complexity of traditional red wines, but without the alcohol.