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Alcohol-free beer

Non-alcoholic beer is a real winner at World of Nix! Enjoy a range of flavors and styles. Try a sample package to discover your favorites or order individual beers per 6. Cheers!🍻




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Taste the variety of non-alcoholic beer at World of NIX

At World of NIX we invite you to explore the rich world of non-alcoholic beer . Our collection offers a wide range of styles and flavors, perfect for the beer lover looking for quality, non-alcoholic options. From refreshing pilsners to robust stouts , every sip promises the full flavor of beer, but without the alcohol.

A Carefully Selected Collection

Our collection of non-alcoholic beer has been carefully selected and offers something for every taste:

Athletic Brewing Co. : Try the Run Wild IPA , a can't-miss choice for lovers of a classic, hoppy IPA.

Estrella Damm Pils : Enjoy the light and bright flavors of this pilsner, a perfect choice for any moment.

World of NIX Beer Packages : Discover our variety of flavors with the ' Advanced ' and ' Try ' beer packages, in which you can taste a range of non-alcoholic beers.

Guinness 0.0 Stout : Experience the iconic, rich and creamy taste of Guinness in an alcohol-free variant.

vandeStreek : Be surprised by their Fun House NEIPA and Grapefruit IPA , full of flavor and character.

Lowlander : Try their 0.00% Wit and 0.3% Cool Earth Lager , perfect for lovers of lighter beers.

Lervig : Enjoy their No Worries IPA and various fruity IPA options for a unique taste experience.

The Right Beer for Every Occasion

Whether you're hosting a barbecue, relaxing after a long day, or looking for an alcohol-free option for a party, our collection has something for everyone. Enjoy the fullness and diversity of traditional beer, but without the alcohol.

Discover Our Non-Alcoholic Beer Collection

Visit the 'Alcohol-Free Beer' collection on the World of NIX website and choose from a wide range of top-quality non-alcoholic beers. Whether you love classic beers or want to explore adventurous new flavors, we have the perfect non-alcoholic beer for you.