Alcoholvrije mousserende witte wijn

Non-alcoholic sparkling white wine

Fancy a sparkling moment without alcohol? Try our non-alcoholic sparkling white wines at World of NIX, perfect for any occasion. From dry to fruity, they are ideal to complement your meals or celebrate special moments. Discover the best wine-food combinations with our elegant bubbles.
Saboritz - Saboritz Spumante De alcoholvrije mousserende wijn Saboritz Spumante wordt ingeschonken in een glas.


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Alle producten met minder dan 0.5% alcohol vallen onder alcoholvrij. Wil je echt 0,0%, gebruik dan dit filter.



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Discover the world of non-alcoholic sparkling white wines at World of NIX

Welcome to the refined selection of non-alcoholic sparkling white wines at World of NIX, where every glass sparkles with the promise of a special occasion. Our collection offers a range of elegant bubbles , from dry to fruity varieties, that are perfect to complement any dinner or to celebrate special moments.

A Beautiful Collection of Sparkling Wines

Dive into our sparkling world and discover a range of carefully selected non-alcoholic sparkling wines:

Spumante from Saboritz : This sparkling wine is a real bestseller, perfect for lovers of a drier, refined bubble.

Blanc de Blancs from ALT : Enjoy the lively and fresh taste of this sparkling wine, a favorite for its light and refreshing character.

Cuvée Blanc Sparkling from Kolonne Null : This sparkling wine combines elegance with a rich, full-bodied taste, ideal for those looking for depth in their bubbles.

Blanc de Blancs from Oddbird : A wonderful option for those who enjoy subtle, complex flavors in their sparkling wine.

Mousseux Bio by Carl Jung : This organic option is perfect for lovers of eco-friendly choices, with a wonderfully light and fruity profile.

Fizz from Flein : This wine offers a unique and refreshing taste, ideal for a summer day or a festive occasion.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Our non-alcoholic sparkling white wines are the ideal choice for toasting special moments, as an aperitif or to enjoy with a wide range of dishes. They offer the festivity and elegance of traditional bubbles, but without the alcohol.