Kombucha is a delicious lightly sparkling and refreshing sugar-free drink, based on organically fermented tea. Organic, low-calorie and naturally brewed from green or black tea.




Alcoholvrij percentage

Alle producten met minder dan 0.5% alcohol vallen onder alcoholvrij. Wil je echt 0,0%, gebruik dan dit filter.



Discover the refreshing world of Kombucha at World of NIX

Meet the fascinating world of Kombucha at World of NIX, where we offer an extensive selection of this unique, alcohol-free fermented tea. Perfect for health and taste lovers, our Kombucha collection offers a wide range of flavor variations that are both refreshing and nutritious. From classic to experimental flavors, there is a Kombucha for everyone.

A Rich Range of Kombucha Varieties

In our collection you will find a variety of Kombuchas:

Wilder Land Kombucha : Discover unique flavors such as ' It Is Always Spring ' and ' Holy Smokey Part II' .

Acala Sparkling Tea : Not strictly Kombucha, but these sparkling teas offer a similarly refreshing experience to styles like Spritz Style and White Wine Style.

Vegan and Organic Options : Many of our Kombuchas are both vegan and organic , ensuring a pure and natural experience.

A Healthy Choice for Every Occasion

Whether you're looking for a refreshing alternative to soda, a health-conscious beverage option, or just want to try something new, our Kombucha collection offers something for everyone.