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Discover new flavors, scents, and ingredients. Sparkling teas, wine alternatives, and other special beverages.

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Discover Unique Non-Alcoholic Specialties in Our 'Specials' Collection at World of NIX

Welcome to the exclusive world of World of NIX, where our ' Specials ' collection reveals a wealth of unique, non-alcoholic beverage experiences. This specially curated collection is perfect for lovers of innovative and refined non-alcoholic drinks. From elegant Sparkling Teas to elixirs , each selection promises a unique experience that will delight your senses.

Innovation and Diversity in Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The 'Specials' collection from World of NIX represents the best in this category of non-alcoholic drinks. With a focus on innovation and quality, our collection includes:

Exclusive Sparkling Teas : Discover the refinedAcala Sparkling Tea, a perfect example of how traditional tea can transform into a vibrant, luxurious experience.

Varied Kombucha Options: Explore the health benefits and rich flavors of our Kombucha selection, a must-try in the world of fermented drinks.

Creative Elixirs from Three Spirit: Be surprised by ' Livener, the Party Starter ' and ' Social Elixir, the Mood Booster ', innovative drinks that add a new dimension to non-alcoholic drinks.

Not Wines & Ciders: Enjoy ' Not Wines ' andnon-alcoholic ciders that offer the familiar flavors of wine and cider, but without the alcohol.

Convenient Ready-to-Serve Drinks: Try theG'nger drinks for instant refreshment; ideal for a quick, invigorating experience.

A Collection That Combines Story and Quality

The World of NIX 'Specials' collection is more than just a range of drinks; it is a carefully curated collection of stories, craftsmanship and innovation. Each product in this collection has been carefully selected to provide an exceptional experience, perfect for special occasions or as a unique gift.

Experience the Exclusivity of Our 'Specials'

Discover our 'Specials' collection and be carried away by the unique flavors and innovative creations we offer. Whether you are a connoisseur or just looking for something special, our 'Specials' offer an unforgettable experience that will surprise your taste buds.

Discover the best brands in the specials collection below:

Saicho- the evergreen gimlet

Discover the special cocktail