De alcoholvrije rode wijn Kolonne Null Prickly Red
Tempranillo, Spain's most prominent red grape variety, is known for its versatility and richness, with flavors ranging from cherry and plum to more earthy notes such as leather and tobacco. This grape, which is at the heart of many famous Spanish wines such as Rioja and Ribera del Duero, is loved for its ability to be enjoyed both young and after years of maturation, with older wines often developing complex, nuanced flavours.

The Prickly Red - Special Edition , made from the Tempranillo grape, puts a unique twist on these traditional flavors by combining a slightly tingling mouthfeel with the rich fruit notes of red and black fruits, such as blueberries and cherries. This approach offers an intriguing experience that retains the characteristic qualities of the Tempranillo grape while adding something new and surprising.

The comparison between traditional Tempranillo wines and the Prickly Red - Special Edition showcases the innovative approaches producers are using to preserve the beloved qualities of the Tempranillo grape while creating unique, contemporary wines. This illustrates the flexibility of Tempranillo and the creative possibilities it offers to winemakers worldwide.