Culy - World of NIX

World of NIX is the first alcohol-free liquor store in the Netherlands

Just give me a zero point zero” is a statement that raised eyebrows a few years ago. But today, non-alcoholic drinks are more popular than ever. With craft non-alcoholic beers, wines and even spirits you can enjoy several adult snacks all evening and still wake up feeling refreshed the next day. Now there is one place where you can easily find all your non-alcoholic drinks; Liquor store NIX & NIX.

When owner Wim Boekema and his friends couldn't bring themselves to go for a run the morning after a night of sagging, they asked each other a question. Is it possible to enjoy a whole evening and still be fresh the next day? Non-alcoholic drinks seemed to be the solution. But due to the extremely wide range of non-alcoholic drinks, they could no longer see the forest for the trees.

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