The best drinks for your New Year's Eve dinner

Do you want to make this New Year's Eve special with tasty and special non-alcoholic drinks that are original and go well with your dishes? NIX & NIX has compiled a list with the best pairings so that you can easily and quickly select the best non-alcoholic drinks for New Year's Eve.

A drink

  • Start with a nice festive bubble! Choose the Kolonne Null Cuveé Blanc for this. This is the most beautiful non-alcoholic bubble currently available. It has a nice soft bubble and a good dry finish.
  • Do you prefer something "different". Then make a Spritz. Use the Abstinence Blood Orange Aperitif for this and combine it with ice and a bubble from ALT in a large wine glass. This gives you a slightly bitter sweet cocktail.


  • Salad or fish: Perfect to try a Riesling from Weingut Apel . This wine is wonderfully fresh with a typical Riesling taste and slightly fruity aftertaste. It combines nicely with the flavors of fish or salad.
  • Meat or savoury: Go for a cocktail. Try the award-winning Gnista Floral Wormwood mixed with tonic and garnished with an orange slice.

Main dish:

  • Meat: Choose the Kolonne Null Cuveé Rouge for this. According to the NRC, the best non-alcoholic red wine there is. The Cuveé Rouge is a full-bodied red wine with tannins made from Syrah and Tempranillo grapes.
  • Fish or vegetarian: Go for the Cognato Red . This award-winning South African red wine is nicely round and has light chocolate and smoke notes that compliment your dish.


  • Sweet: Combine your sweet dessert with the Lyre's Amaretti . An alcohol-free almond liqueur that, for example, gives your Tiramisu an extra boost.
  • Cheese: Gnista Barrelled Oak , winner of the Dutch Non Alcoholic Spirit Awards. A completely new taste explosion with smoky oak notes.

After dinner:

  • Try the Three Spirit Nightcap aka "dreammaker". This drink based on ginger and valerian, among other things, gives you a fantastic mouthfeel and a soft, spicy aftertaste. The advantage is that you can sleep well afterwards.