About Non-Alcoholic Wine

Over Alcoholvrije Wijn - World of NIX

It is important to realize that non-alcoholic wine is different from wine with alcohol. Some of our non-alcoholic wines look more and more like alcoholic wines, but if you are looking for an exact copy you will most likely be disappointed.

We have made the best selection of non-alcoholic wines for you. Our wines have 80% fewer calories than alcoholic wines. While a glass of wine with alcohol contains about 120 calories per glass (150ml), for our non-alcoholic wines this is only around 20 - 30 calories per glass.

Our selection is constantly being improved by adding new wines on the advice of experts and enthusiasts. We think all wines from the collection are tasty and good for a drink, dinner or any other moment, but we recommend a white (sparkling) or rose (sparkling) for the experience that comes closest to alcoholic wine.

If you want advice from us , you can always email us at hello@nixennix.com.