5 tips to get through Dry January

5 tips om Dry January door te komen - World of NIX
  1. Make the right choice
    Go for high-quality non-alcoholic options that suit your taste. Think of non-alcoholic wines or cocktails that can replace your normal drinks. Check out our recipe page for inspiration:

  2. Stick to your plan
    Remind yourself of your purpose and why you are participating in Dry January. This keeps you motivated and focused.

  3. Do it together
    Talk to friends or family who support your choice. It also helps to do Dry January with someone else, so that you can motivate each other.

  4. Find your new kick
    Replace drinking moments with other activities such as sports, a new hobby, or fun outings. An adrenaline rush or relaxing on the couch, everything is possible.

  5. Treat yourself
    Set small goals and reward yourself with a tasty cocktail if you achieve them (For example this delicious Blood Orange Spritz ). This could be something as simple as a movie night or buying something nice for yourself. The point is that you see enduring Dry January as a positive experience.