Apples & pears

Genieten van een glaasje alcoholvrije drank

Taste is very important. A good drink has different notes, recognition and discovery. Whether a drink is deliciously complex or very simple, the taste makes it unique.


Based on apple we have Ambijus . From Norway. A sparkling aperitif based on fermented apple. Ambijus Clearly Confused is reminiscent of an aromatic cider. You imagine yourself in a pine forest. With notes of pine needles, oak and elderflower.


Most wines have a palette of flavors. In the Oddbird Spumante you will discover notes of white pear and green apple. The Spumante is made with the Italian Glera grape from Veneto. Glera is also called Prosecco and is the basis for delicious sparkling wines.

Cheers, Team World of NIX