De alcoholvrije bubbels van ALT Blanc de Blanc en ALT Rosé sparkling in glazen en lekker koud in de koeler.


Discover the sparkling charm of the ALT collection at World of NIX. Whether you're enjoying the Blanc de Blancs or the Sparkling Rosé, ALT elevates every moment with its refined, alcohol-free sparkle. Taste the elegance and freshness of ALT, perfect for any toast.
Een mocktail van ALT Blanc de Blancs en Abstinence Lemon aperitief

ALT: not only non-alcoholic prosecco but also the basis for this delicious mocktail



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Our carefully curated collection focuses on taste and quality, with exclusive attention to the best non-alcoholic wines , sparkling creations and unique cocktails . The ALT collection at World of NIX brings a sparkling charm, with choices such as Blanc de Blancs and Sparkling Rosé , perfect for any toast with their sophisticated, alcohol-free sparkle. The elegance and freshness of ALT make every moment special.

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