Dealcoholization: Spinning Cone Column

De-alcoholisatie: Spinning Cone Column - World of NIX

The Spinning Cone technique is an alcohol removal system using spinning cone-shaped columns. These rotating conical columns are used in a form of low temperature vacuum distillation. In this way, the alcohol is gently removed from the wine, while the taste of the wine is preserved.

The process goes through the following steps:

  • The alcohol is pushed upwards at 40 degrees, so that the wine remains at the bottom of the cone.
  • The column consists of no less than 40 different rotating elements, so that the wine is centrifuged, as it were.
  • As the liquid rotates downwards as a thin material, steam is added to filter out the right flavours.
  • This “extraction process” means that no original aromas are lost.
  • This process is repeated until there is virtually no alcohol left in the wine.

Figure 1: The construction of a "Spinning Cone"

Figure 2: The Spinning Cone Column. Here the individual "cones" are visible in the device.

Source: Flavortech