A look into the glass: World of NIX's alcohol-free gin

De alcoholvrije gin & tonic van Rebels 0.0% Botanical Dry

Let's dive into the fascinating world of non-alcoholic gin, where the magic of distillation and botanical alchemy come together to enchant your taste buds. In this blog we're going to take a look into the glass ofnon-alcoholic gin at World of NIX, where we reveal the secrets of this wonderful drink that makes you dance without faltering!

The secret behind the alcohol-free gin
Did you know that the essence of gin lies in the complexity of its botanical blend, and not in the alcohol? Yes, it is the juniper berry, coriander, lemon peel, and sometimes even the exotic touch of lavender that give gin its distinctive character. When creating an alcohol-free gin, master distillers embark on a quest to capture these rich flavors without the alcohol.

The art of distilling without alcohol
The gin alternatives at World of NIX are selected on traditional distillation principles with innovative technologies to create the alcohol-free gin:

Reverse Osmosis: Purification at the Molecular Level
Reverse osmosis is an advanced filtration technique used to separate water and other components at the molecular level. This creates the opportunity to create a pure base in which the flavors of the botanical ingredients can shine, free of unwanted impurities.

Vacuum distillation : Flavor retention at Lower Temperatures
Vacuum distillation plays a crucial role in the distillation process. By lowering the atmospheric pressure in the distillation column, the boiling points of the botanicals can be lowered. This means they can extract the delicate aromas without the risks of high temperatures, preserving the integrity of each botanical note.

Spinning Cone : Preservation of Aromas
The spinning cone technology is an innovative method that allows the volatile aromas of the botanicals to be separated and preserved before they are combined again in the final product. This gentle treatment ensures that even the subtlest notes are represented in our gin, resulting in a complex and layered flavor profile.

Each of these techniques contributes to the creation of our alcohol-free gin, which retains the essence and complexity of traditional gin, but without the alcohol. This careful and innovative process results in a premium alcohol-free gin that fits perfectly with the modern lifestyle, where enjoyment does not come at the expense of well-being.

A cocktail of benefits
The best thing about non-alcoholic gin? It offers a range of benefits. Think of the low-calorie joy and sugar-free pleasure you can experience without the fear of accidentally leaving your house keys in the refrigerator. Plus, you can safely drive your car after an evening of ' gin and tonic ' without the stress of a breath test.

Become a home barista with our alcohol-free gin. Mix it with tonic water, add a slice of lemon and some juniper berries, and voilà, you have a drink that will amaze even your most skeptical friends. “Is this really alcohol-free?” they'll ask, trying not to show how much they're enjoying it. Discover all Gin & tonic recipes here .

The alcohol-free cocktail package from Rebels 0.0% Botanical Dry

Exclusive collection of gin with delicious food combinations
At World of NIX we believe that every sip tells a story, especially when it comes to the complex flavors of our carefully selected non-alcoholic gins. Discover how each of these unique gins not only quenches your thirst, but can also take your culinary adventures to the next level with the perfect flavor and food combinations.

  • Rebels 0.0% Gin Alternative : With its powerful spicy undertones and the subtle freshness of citrus, Rebels 0.0% is a fantastic partner for robust, savory dishes. Think of a classic Mediterranean pasta, where the herbs of the gin accentuate the flavors of olives, capers and tomatoes. Or combine it with a spicy, Asian salad for an explosion of flavor where every bite and sip is a celebration.
  • London Botanical Spirit : This gin brings the essence of a traditional London Dry Gin to your glass, with a wealth of botanical nuances, from the depth of juniper to the delicate notes of lavender and citrus. It is the ideal accompaniment to light, fresh dishes such as a classic summer ceviche or an elegant shrimp cocktail, where the gin enhances the subtle seafood flavors without being overpowering.
  • Abstinence Cape Citrus : The sunny, bright citrus notes of Cape Citrus make it an excellent choice for dishes with a fruity or slightly sour base. Pair it with a fresh citrus-avocado salad or a lightly grilled fish with a lemon-butter sauce to bring out the harmonious balance of sweet and sour in your dish. The vibrant flavors of Cape Citrus will freshen and enliven these dishes.
  • Pentire Adrift : With its unique botanical composition that reflects the salty sea air and coastal plants, Pentire Adrift is a perfect match for seafood and dishes with a green twist. Try it with a fresh seaweed salad or lightly grilled sea bass with a spicy green herb marinade. The natural, vegetal notes of Pentire Adrift will enhance the salty and green elements of these dishes, making for an invigorating dining experience.

We encourage you to experiment with these combinations and discover your own perfect pairs. The versatility of our non-alcoholic gins offers endless possibilities to elevate both your drinks and your meals

So there you have it, a little insight into the world of non-alcoholic gin at World of NIX. Whether you're a seasoned gin connoisseur or someone curious about non-alcoholic options, there's always something new to discover. Cheers to non-alcoholic gin with delicious cocktail combinations.