Ginger concentrate and ginger drink for cocktails, hot drinks or in the kitchen. Famous brands: Gimber, Paulies Ginger, Sapinca and Nona.
Sapinca - Organic Root Elixir Sapinca - Organic Root Elixir
Paulies Ginger - Original Paulies Ginger - Original
Sapinca - Organic Fruit Elixir Sapinca - Organic Fruit Elixir




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Discover the power and taste of ginger in our alcohol-free collection at World of NIX

Are you a fan of the spicy, refreshing taste of ginger? In the World of NIX collection you will find a unique selection of alcohol-free ginger drinks and concentrates . Whether you are looking for an ingredient for your next creative drink, a hot drink for cozy evenings, or a tasty addition to your culinary creations, our ginger collection offers it all.

A Rich Selection of Ginger Products

Our range offers various ginger-related drinks, each with their own unique character:

G'nger Pure : This ginger concentrate is ideal for adding a strong, fresh ginger flavor to any drink or dish.

Sapinca Organic Root Elixir : An organic choice for those who love earthy, rich ginger flavors.

Paulies Ginger Original and Turmeric : These drinks offer a delicious combination of ginger and turmeric, perfect for a health boost.

Gimber No.2 Brut : A versatile ginger concentrate that fits perfectly in both hot and cold drinks.

Nona Ginger : An alcohol-free option that offers the depth and complexity of ginger, ideal for mocktails .

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you are looking for an alcohol-free alternative to your favorite cocktail, a hot drink for the colder days, or an exciting ingredient for your kitchen, our ginger collection has something for every occasion.