Royal day

Alcoholvrije cocktails tijdens koningsdag

King's Day is just around the corner! Time to dive into the orange, play your favorite playlists and browse those fun flea markets. But how do you ensure that your King's Day remains a celebration from start to finish? No stress, World of NIX knows what to do!

First tip: Choose convenience. No one wants to lift heavy on a day like that. Our solution? Compact ' Ready To Drink ' cans. Ideal for on the go. Choose from our range of non-alcoholic beer or the pre-mixed cocktail cans from ISH . This way you always have a refreshing drink at hand, whether you're swinging or spotting that perfect vintage find.

Now, if you're celebrating King's Day closer to home, why not get started with shaking some cocktails yourself? Here are a few of our orange favorites:

  • The Roots Negroni Rosso . Not just any cocktail, but one that stands out with a deep orange royal glow. A delicious mix of sweet and bitter, with a hint of herbs for that extra kick.
  • Also try Wilfred's SaboSpritz . This cocktail is a real pick-me-up. A clever combination of Wilfred's unique bittersweet flavors with the luxurious bubbles of Saboritz Spumante . Every sip brings something new, with notes of elderflower, pear, rosemary and marmalade.
  • And then we have the Bitter Mary . A refreshing twist on a classic, made with Three Spirit Livener and Fever Tree Raspberry & Rhubarb. Finished with a handful of fresh red fruit. Perfect for that sweet-sour flavor explosion.

With these insider tips from World of NIX you are ready to rock King's Day. Because let's be honest, a great party is all in the details. From the place, to the tunes, to the perfect drink in your hand. With our selection of non-alcoholic drinks you can enjoy every minute without missing a thing. Cheers to an unforgettable King's Day!