At the table - summer food pairings

Aan tafel - zomerse food pairings - World of NIX

Preferably outside. Warm, long summer evenings. Eat together and enjoy a matching drink. What goes with which dish? We have listed some of our favorite combinations for you.

At the drink

A fresh summer cocktail for snacks. Immediately festive! This time we're going for a Lemon Spritz . Fresh and original. Add a lemon for garnish.

With the salad

Salad, fruit or another light starter? A sparkling wine is matching. For example, try a dry Spumante or somewhat fruitier sparkling rosé . Always good! And great to toast with.

At the BBQ

Already on the BBQ? Whether you throw vegetables, a fish or a burger on it, the Kolonne Null rose and verdejo are both a delicious combo.

With lots of spices

Are you going to start with lots of herbs and use your marinade skills? The Apel riesling can handle it. Or if you want to try something different: the "not wines" from Gnista . Very surprising. The red wine moment, but slightly different.
Whatever you cook, whatever you eat. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy your meal! Cheers 🍸