A look into the glass: The alcohol-free brand Sapinca

Sapinca organic fruit elixir
A look into the world of Sapinca , a brand that will certainly surprise you. Imagine: a drink that is not only irresistibly delicious, but also fits in perfectly with our love for special, alcohol-free experiences. That is Sapinca through and through!

Sapinca takes us on an adventurous journey back in time, to the roots and fruits of Latin America that were once known for their medicinal powers and irresistible flavors during the time of the Incas. This brand has rediscovered these ancient treasures and transformed them into magical elixirs, packed with flavor and sunshine, completely organic, vegan, purely natural and yes, you guessed it, completely without alcohol.

The story starts with Diederick Evers, a true taste adventurer and entrepreneur through and through. Growing up in the kitchen of his mother, a renowned chef in Amsterdam, he developed a passion for cooking, tasting and creating at an early age. This passion ultimately led him to the creation of Sapinca, inspired by his culinary travels and the demand for a tasty, alcohol-free alternative during his mother's cooking workshops.

Sapinca offers two enchanting blends: the Organic Root Elixir and the Organic Fruit Elixir . Each with a unique composition that takes your taste buds on a sensational taste expedition. The Root Elixir combines powerful root varieties such as ginger, turmeric, maca and ashwagandha, while the Fruit Elixir treats you to exotic fruits such as pink pitaya, papaya and açaí. Both elixirs invite you to experiment and create your own favorite Sapinca moments.