(Temporarily) stop drinking alcohol?

(Tijdelijk) stoppen met alcohol? - World of NIX
It is of course Dry January and for many people this is a time to consciously not drink alcohol. (Temporarily) quitting alcohol is often quite a challenge. However, there are of course many positive sides to not drinking alcohol for your health, feelings and environment. You will also realize that there are suddenly many times in a week when you have to say "no" to alcohol. It can be difficult to persevere when you are at a party and the only non-alcoholic drink available is water or soft drinks... At World of NIX we provide tasty non-alcoholic drinks for moments like this.

A number of our alcohol-free friends have set up programs to help you consciously (temporarily) stop drinking alcohol.

  • This is how Judith and Merel set up No Wine Today. Through the program you can choose, for example, a "quick fix" program of ten days or an extensive program of up to 63 days. More information about the No Wine Today program can be found here: No Wine Today

  • Koos van Plateringen, who quit alcohol a number of years ago and has, among other things, made a podcast series about it: Honest about alcohol, also has a program to encourage 30 days of sobriety. More information about his program can be found here: Nice Sober Challenge

  • Do you have deeper questions about alcohol? Then consult the website of the Trimbos Institute via this link: Trimbos