All drinks are alcohol-free at World of Nix in Zuid: 'It's just like a candy store here'

De alcoholvrije slijterij in de Pijp, World of NIX

New shops, restaurants and cafes open in the city every day. You can read about it in our Just Open section. Today: at the alcohol-free liquor store World of Nix - now also in De Pijp - you will discover by tasting and comparing how delicious alcohol-free can be. 'People are often amazed.'

Owner Wim Boekema (43) hears many personal stories from buyers in his alcohol-free liquor store. “A man told me that he got his father to quit drinking by offering him a good non-alcoholic alternative. This way you indirectly help an entire family. That's really cool.”

Boekema and his partner Frederike de Groot (44) have both not drunk a drop since the founding of World of Nix. “The taste of alcohol is so dominant,” says Boekema. He compares quitting alcohol to quitting adding sugar to your tea. “Step by step you decrease. Until you get rid of it completely. If you then drink tea with sugar, you think: what kind of sweet stuff is this.”

Boekema, who previously worked in sales, as a father of three and sports enthusiast was looking for a way to wake up refreshed on Saturday morning. He also experienced this need within his own circle. So he collected the best non-alcoholic drinks on the market and sold them online. Now, a few years later, he and De Groot are transforming an old employment agency on Ferdinand Bolstraat into their fourth World of Nix location.

“People are often amazed when they come in here because they are not aware of the amount of non-alcoholic options available these days. It's like a candy store here.” Every drink in an evening can be replaced. From a non-alcoholic beer (from €1.50) or bubbly (€9.99) to start with, to an alcohol-free Amaretto (€24.99) to finish.

World of Nothing
Ferdinand Bolstraat 117, South.

Mobile bar
There is an alcohol-free cocktail bar that you can hire for parties and celebrations.

World of Nothing
World of Nix was previously called Nix and Nix. The 3 other branches are in the Jordaan, Haarlem and Tilburg.

Winter favorite
Gnista's drink in Barreled Oak flavor , with warm herbs and spices, can be enjoyed instead of whiskey in the evening on the couch.