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Growth money and new name for alcohol-free liquor store: from NIX & NIX to World of NIX.

World of Nix is ​​preparing for a new phase of growth. With an investment from the impact fund Goeie Grutten and a name change to World of Nix in November, the company is ready to further conquer the non-alcoholic drinks market. Founder Wim Boekema tells De Ondernemer Live about this new step.

Goeie Grutten and World of NIX have found each other in their pursuit of healthier food baskets and drink options. What are World of NIX's goals with this new partnership? Wim Boekema shares the details in De Ondernemer Live, where he delves deeper into the plans and ambitions for the future.

World of NIX has always strived to offer the best non-alcoholic drinks in the world. Founder Wim Boekema explains: "We actually bring together the very best drinks from around the world. We do this in physical liquor stores where you can walk in and taste all kinds of drinks. Non-alcoholic wines, non-alcoholic spirits, such as gins, whiskeys, rums to make beautiful cocktails."

This has resulted in an impressive range of alcohol-free options that are no longer inferior to their alcoholic counterparts. Boekema emphasizes the importance of tasting in this category, the so-called liquid to lips, to convince people of the quality and taste of alcohol-free alternatives.

How large that market has become, of which World of NIX is part, is evident from the figures that Boekema provides. “If you look globally, the adult beverage category is just over a trillion. So a thousand billion. Then you are talking about real alcoholic drinks. There are different categories. So wine, spirits and beer, there is a big difference between them. In the Netherlands, about 8 to 9 percent of beer is already alcohol-free. There is a real upward trend."

Good Grits on board
With this upward trend in the non-alcoholic beverage market, World of NIX has a new ally on board: Goeie Grutten, an impact fund focused on promoting healthy food and beverage alternatives. Why this step? Boekema explains: "We are active in a new category. We have physical locations and online, we would like to do more there. Show more to other parties, other retailers. We have very good products. That takes time, that takes money, that takes manpower. So that's why it's very nice to get such an investor on board, who also understands what we are doing."

Although he does not want to say anything about the exact size of the investment, according to Boekema it is sufficient to 'make many people happy with high-quality non-alcoholic drinks' at Christmas. In addition, the money will be used to expand e-commerce activities, stimulate business collaborations and optimize physical locations.

From NIX & NIX to World of NIX
An interesting twist is the upcoming name change to World of NIX. Boekema explains that the new name better reflects the growing scope of the company.

"We already offer a world for our guests in our liquor stores and online with inspiration and the best drinks. So the question for us was: how can we position that but still include that nothing segment. Because you know that 'nothing' is alcohol-free, so that's a nice term. We can also use this to work on all kinds of campaigns. That is why we stated in the email about the change: only the name changes, nothing else changes..."