Just nothing at all: alcohol-free on a date

Genieten van een date met alcoholvrije drankjes

You can avoid drinking alcohol for various reasons, such as exams, sports, work or driving. This also applies to dating, which is often seen as awkward without alcohol. But there are plenty of fun alcohol-free activities for a date. The dating app Breeze helps with this by arranging everything, from the match to the location, and gives you the option to indicate in your profile whether you drink alcohol.

A second date can be perfect outdoors. Think of a walk in the woods Non-alcoholic cocktail gin & tonic with a picnic, a romantic walk on the beach, or a coffee tour through your favorite city. Sporty options such as running or cycling are also fun. Or make non-alcoholic cocktails at home with World of NIX drinks, such as the ' Rebels & Tonic ' or the Almave Old Fashioned .

Not drinking alcohol doesn't mean you're boring. There are plenty of topics to talk about and activities to do that are just as fun without the booze. A cultural date at a museum can also be a great option. Amsterdam, for example, has the Stedelijk Museum, FOAM museum, and Moco Museum. Other cities also offer interesting museums, such as Escher in the Palace in The Hague or the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

So whether you choose an active, cultural or quiet date, there are plenty of alcohol-free options to enjoy together and get to know each other better.

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