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A worthy alternative to wine at the table.

Non-alcoholic wine? The flat, sweet taste of it is really too weak for a good meal, and we don't want lemonade either. Fortunately, there are now tasty, savory, exciting non-alcoholic drinks. The wine drinker has to reset his taste.

Le Paon qui boit is located in an ordinary shopping street in the Parisian 19th arrondissement. This is the first French store specialized in drinks without (or with a minimum amount of) alcohol. On the website of Le Paon (the peacock) you can read that these drinks are 'for adults'. So no lemonade. I step in with hope and explain to Maud Catté, the manager, what I'm looking for; Drinks with food So they should not be sweet. Also important: I'm not o looking for stripped down deal alcoholized wine. No, I tell her, I'm looking for incredibly tasty, original drinks. They must be so good that even a seasoned wine lover no longer thinks about wine.

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