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World of NIX opens the city's first alcohol-free liquor store

New shops, restaurants and cafes open in the city every day. You can read about it in our Just Open section. Today: World of NIX, the paradise for the sober drinker.

After Haarlem and Heerhugowaard, Amsterdam has had the city's first alcohol-free liquor store since last week, they say at World of NIX, the alcohol-free liquor store. In the modern, bright corner building in the Westerstraat, where there used to be a home furnishings store, you can enjoy non-alcoholic wines, beers or spirits. And you taste before you buy. “We want to discover with customers what suits their taste or the occasion,” says store manager Clare Downling (48).

While non-alcoholic beer is well integrated on many drinks menus, wine still requires some convincing. “Many people have never drunk a nice non-alcoholic wine. Ultimately, most customers leave here with a good wine that suits their taste. Otherwise, I recommend starting with a bubble.”

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