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Goodbye hangover: Amsterdam gets its first alcohol-free liquor store

They have existed in Haarlem and Heerhugowaard for a while, but now also in Amsterdam. The first alcohol-free liquor store opened there on Monday.

The liquor store called World of NIX can be found on Westerstraat.

The liquor store sells wines, beers and spirits. The rule is that you taste first before you buy a bottle. “We want to discover with customers what suits their taste or the occasion,” store manager Clare Downling told Het Parool. “Many people have never drunk a nice non-alcoholic wine.”

Downling himself has not drunk a drop of alcohol for years and he sees this in more and more people around him. “Many people no longer have that tired feeling the next morning. I still go to parties and festivals, but I no longer have to think about whether I will feel fit enough tomorrow. It's really fantastic to never have a hangover again.”

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