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Editorial test: Alcohol Free Drinks.

More and more people are giving up alcohol. And that will cheer you up! You feel fitter, more energetic and it is healthy for body and liver. Plenty of alternatives, but are those drinks really tasty? The Margriet editors put it to the test.

The alcohol-free trend. Non-alcoholic is on the rise. Seven percent of all beers consumed in the Netherlands are non-alcoholic. The demand for non-alcoholic is also growing in the field of wine and spirits such as gin, rum and whiskey. No wonder, according to Wim Boekema and Frederike de Groot, owners of non-alcoholic liquor store NIX&NIX. "Alcohol-free drinks are increasingly a full-fledged alternative to drinks with alcohol." It is the spirit of the times, says Wim Boekema. "People are increasingly concerned with health. Everyone knows how tired you can get from a few glasses of alcohol. But also because of the line, more and more people opt for non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholic wine, for example, contains eighty percent fewer calories than regular wine."

"In the past, alcohol-free had a somewhat dull image," says his partner Frederike de Groot. "In that respect, we can compare it with the trend of less meat: just like vegetarianism, alcohol-free is also becoming more and more salonfähig. Awareness is growing. That is why it is now progressive or even 'hip' to opt for alcohol-free." In addition, alcohol-free tastes better and better. We do want to make better choices for health, but not compromise on taste and quality. That is not necessary, says Wim, because new brands and drinks are added every week. "Innovation is also going fast. Beers sometimes already taste better than variants with alcohol. But non-alcoholic wines are also being developed. Non-alcoholic drinks are increasingly a fully-fledged alternative to drinks with alcohol."

On the other hand, a new type of drink is also coming onto the market that is not a direct copy of existing drinks such as wine or gin, but has completely new flavors. Frederike: "They often contain beautiful herbs and therefore offer a completely new taste experience." She cites the example of Tree Spirit NIghtcap. According to both, a very special product, ideal if you are sitting on the couch in the evening and want to have a drink. "The ideal nightcap."

The two see the greatest interest in wines and spirits. Frederike: "People are really looking for advice and help with making choices. Tasting then of course helps enormously. With wine it is important to really be open to it and not expect a direct copy." She herself is very happy with the red wine from Kolonne Null or the Riesling from Apel. "Delicious with a beautiful meal." Wim can't really choose his favorite, but if he has to choose, it will be ALT's sparkling wine. "That is really a nice glass at a drink or party. And let's face it, a glass of bubbles like that is also a lot tastier and more fun than a coke!"