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Dry January: what if you really can't see any coffee or water anymore?

What do you want to drink?
You've finished all the herbal tea bags, you can't see any water and you don't want to drink lemonade – what can you pour that still offers a bit of a 'drink feeling'?

0.0 beer
You could say that it all started with this, in terms of 0.0: there is a lot of very good non-alcoholic beer. Look for coffee stout Galea Holy Roasty or Lola or fruit beer like Mikkeler Yuzu or Funky Fluid's beer in berry ice cream with cream flavor.

Wine 0.0
It is not that French winegrowers do not do their best to produce non-alcoholic wine, but they still seem to resent the principle. For good 0.0 wine, look on the shelves at German (Strauch & Weissbach Rouge Pur, Becker) or South African wines (Cognato White, Norah's Valley Velvet Red).

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