Liquor store World of Nix sees alcohol-free as a lasting trend

De prosecco fles Saboritz Spumante wordt feestelijk leeg geschonken in de glazen.

Alcohol-free – Dry January starts again on January 1, the month in which people are encouraged not to drink alcohol for a while. A logical month after Christmas and New Year's celebrations, in which alcohol consumption has often been higher than average. But drinking less alcohol is also a trend, as the founders of the non-alcoholic liquor store World of Nix see, a lasting trend.

According to founders Wim Boekema and Frederike de Groot, the list of benefits of quitting alcohol is also endless. For example, people who do not drink alcohol no longer have hangovers, better sleep, increased vitality, improved resistance, radiant skin, weight loss, better sex life, more positive mood, better sports performance, and less risk of serious diseases. They see that the Netherlands is becoming increasingly aware of this.

A bigger selection

This is also evident from the figures. In recent years, the volume of non-alcoholic beer, wine and 'spirits' has increased significantly in the Netherlands. Figures from the Dutch Brewers show that in twelve years the volume of non-alcoholic beer has increased by 17 percent per year. Moreover, by 2022, 1 in 15 beers will be alcohol-free. More and more people alternate between drinking alcohol and drinking non-alcoholic drinks. “This flexible drinking trend is becoming very big,” says De Groot. “Drinking less in an evening and not every day or during the week is the new trend among different generations.”


Research also shows that the supply of non-alcoholic drinks helps people to drink less. The choice also means that people are increasingly drinking alcohol-free at times when they would normally have drunk alcohol. With a wide range of alternative non-alcoholic spirits, wines and beers, Boekema and De Groot want to convince customers in their World of Nix liquor store that alcohol-free drinking does not have to be at the expense of quality and pleasure. Their portfolio consists of more than 250 globally selected non-alcoholic drinks, composed based on personal nosing and tasting. World of Nix opened in Haarlem in July 2021 as the first alcohol-free liquor store in the Netherlands. There are now also liquor stores in Amsterdam and Tilburg.

Source: World of Nix/@FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek