Taste the fun: Discover, enjoy and experiment

Lekker alcoholvrije dranken proeven

Are you ready for a taste adventure? Step into a world where every sip is a discovery and every drink tells a story. At World of NIX we invite you to visit our liquor stores in Haarlem or Amsterdam for an unforgettable tasting.

A Personal Tasting Experience a personal party for your taste buds and dive into our extensive collection of non-alcoholic wines and spirits . Whether you are looking for your new favorite drink or want us to surprise you with something unexpected, we are ready to guide you in your journey of discovery.

Home Tasting Packages For those who prefer the comfort of tasting at home, we have something special. Our carefully selected sample packages offer the perfect opportunity to organize your own tasting. From invigorating white wines to richly scented spirits, there is something for every taste. Simply order online and the party can start, right at your home.

Back to the Roots Discover the power of traditional herbal medicine with the Greek brand Roots . Their approach, which goes back to the origins of age-old herbal recipes, results in special aperitifs such as their bittersweet " rosso " and refreshing " bianco ". Perfect to enjoy neat or mix into a classic Negroni or Spritz . Dive into the recipes and get inspired.

Whether you opt for a personal tasting in our liquor store, or prefer to experiment at home with our sample packages, at World of NIX it is always a feast of flavors. We invite you to discover the wealth of non-alcoholic drinks and find your perfect match.

Cheers to your flavor adventure, Team NIX