Abstinence - Aperitif Lemon Spritz

Taste the summer with Abstinence Aperitif Lemon Spitz. A sparkling, alcohol-free cocktail that combines freshness with a hint of lemon. Ideal for sunny days, garden parties or simply as a refreshing drink. Experience the invigorating taste and celebrate the moment!

    Abstinence - Aperitif Lemon Spritz


    • 50 ml Abstinence Lemon Aperitif
    • 200 ml Elderflower Tonic (Fever Tree)
    • 1 lemon
    • Garnish: a lemon peel

    You can also replace the tonic with 200 ml Soda Water (Fever Tree) or a sparkling wine (ALT Blanc de Blanc) or another tonic of your choice.

    Bring directly

    Abstinence alcoholvrije aperitief fles met florale illustratie

    Abstinence - Lemon Aperitif


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      Let's make this cocktail

    • 1

      Add a lemon wedge to the glass (Large wine glass or balloon glass).

    • 2

      Fill the glass with ice.

    • 3

      Add 50 ml Abstinence Lemon Aperitif.

    • 4

      Add 200 ml Elderflower Tonic (Fever Tree).

    • 5

      Squeeze a piece of lemon peel over the glass and rub the rim of the glass with it.

    • 6

      Garnish with the piece of lemon peel.

    • 7

      Note! It's fun to serve the drink in layers, but make sure to stir the drink before consuming!