Discover the Botivo Negroni, a masterful alcohol-free interpretation of the timeless classic. Perfectly balanced with rich bitters and sweet aromas, for a refined taste experience. Ideal for a stylish aperitif or a relaxing evening.



    • 25 ml Botivo
    • 25 ml London Botanical Spirit
    • 25 ml Premium Indian Tonic (Fever Tree)
    • Garnish: a lemon slice

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    Alcoholvrij aperitief van Botivo

    Botivo - Botivo Aperitif


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      Let's make this cocktail

    • 1

      Fill the glass with ice (Tumblr glass).

    • 2

      Pour 25 ml Botivo into the glass.

    • 3

      Pour 25 ml ISH - London Botanical Spirit into the glass.

    • 4

      Pour 25 ml Premium Indian Tonic (Fever Tree) into the glass.

    • 5

      Stir gently 1-2 times in the glass.

    • 6

      Garnish with a lemon slice.