G'nger - Mojito

Enjoy this atmospheric cocktail, a perfect blend of tonic with the rich aromas of orange, mint and ginger from G'nger. This easy-to-prepare drink adds a touch of warmth to your day, ideal for cozy moments.
G'nger - Mojito


  • ½ orange
  • 1 sprig of mint
  • 15 ml G’nger Pure
  • 150 ml tonic
  • Ice cubes

    Let's make this cocktail

  • 1

    Squeeze the half orange into the glass

  • 2

    Pick the mint leaves and put them in the glass

  • 3

    Pour 15 ml G’nger Pure ginger juice into the glass

  • 4

    fill the glass with ice cubes

  • 5

    Then all you have to do is pour in the tonic and the alcohol-free ginger cocktail is ready. Enjoy!