ISH - Caribbean Spiced Spirit Dark & ​​Stormy

Sail to tropical places with the Caribbean Spice Spirit in a Dark & ​​Stormy twist. This non-alcoholic cocktail brings together spicy ginger and exotic spices for a stormy adventure in your glass. Perfect for adventurous souls looking for refreshment!

    ISH - Caribbean Spiced Spirit Dark & ​​Stormy


    • 50 ml Caribbean Spiced Spirit
    • 1/2 lime
    • 100 ml Ginger Beer (Fever Tree)
    • Garnish: a lime slice

    Not a fan of Ginger Beer? Try it with Ginger Ale or cola too!

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    ISH - Caribbean Spiced Spirit - World of NIX

    ISH - Caribbean Spiced Spirit


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      Let's make this cocktail

    • 1

      Fill the glass with ice (Highball glass or Tumblr glass).

    • 2

      Add 50 ml Caribbean Spiced Spirit.

    • 3

      Add the juice of 1/2 lime.

    • 4

      Add 100 ml Ginger Beer (Fever Tree).

    • 5

      Gently stir 1-2 times through the glass.

    • 6

      Garnish with a lime slice.